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Art galleries in Roubaix

Art galleries in Roubaix

In Roubaix's artistic eco-system, art galleries are no exception to the rule of rehabilitation: from the convent to the drapery, via the textile factory or the clothing workshop, all these places with an added soul become, once rehabilitated, the ideal backdrop for the proposed exhibitions...

Diversity of locations and approaches

Each of these galleries has its own history and particularities, to be explored through the different proposals. To find out about their programme, please click on the links below:


  L'Espace Croisé (Contemporary Art Centre)

Couvent des Clarisses, 2 rue de Wasquehal, 59100, Roubaix

From wednesday to sunday : 2pm > 6pm


•  La Plus Petite Galerie du Monde (Ou Presque)

69 rue des Arts, 59100, Roubaix

Saturday : 3pm > 7pm (when exhibition)


•  La Galerie Q.S.P (Quantité Suffisante Pour) with le B.A.R. and le Fil rouge

112 Avenue Jean Lebas, 59100, Roubaix

Thursday : 3pm > 8pm  |  friday & saturday : 3pm > 7pm


•  Delta Runspace

158 rue Pierre de Roubaix, 59100, Roubaix

Friday and Saturday: 2pm > 6pm (when exhibition)


  Salon d'art La Teinturerie

102 boulevard de Montesquieu, 59100, Roubaix

Open according to programme